3 Key Factors in a Marriage Green Card Case

9 Jul, 2024

I am John Khosravi, Winner of the Super Lawyers Award and Best Lawyers Award by U.S. News. Navigating the complexities of a marriage green card case can be daunting. With my extensive experience in immigration law, I aim to clarify the key elements the government scrutinizes during the process. When we conduct a consultation, we focus on three primary aspects: the authenticity of the marriage, the backgrounds of the applicants, and their financial stability. 


The government focuses on 3 areas in a marriage Green card case, and it’s what we review in the initial consultation. #greencard

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Here’s an in-depth look at these critical components:

1. Authenticity of the Marriage

The foremost concern for immigration authorities is ensuring that the marriage is genuine. This involves documenting the entire relationship journey. Key points to cover include:

  • How and Where You Met: Whether it was through an app, family friends, or a random encounter at a restaurant, the details matter.
  • Development of the Relationship: Timelines are crucial. When was your first date? How did the relationship progress from there?
  • Supporting Documentation: Joint bank accounts, shared leases, travel history, and photos serve as tangible proof of your relationship’s authenticity.

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2. Background Check of the Applicants

Both the U.S. petitioner and the foreign applicant undergo background checks. Here’s what we examine:

  • U.S. Petitioner: The petitioner must have a clean record, free from serious felony violations.
  • Foreign Applicant: This involves verifying birth certificates, passports, divorce records (if any), and criminal history. We address any potential inadmissibility issues hindering entry into the United States.

3. Financial Support

The financial capability of the US petitioner or a joint sponsor to support the foreign spouse is another critical aspect. We ensure that:

  • Tax Returns and Financial Documents: These are reviewed to confirm the financial requirements are met. This includes the petitioner’s or joint sponsor’s tax returns and other relevant financial information.
  • Affidavit of Support: This document proves that the foreign spouse will not become a public charge.

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A marriage green card consultation analyzes the relationship’s authenticity, the applicants’ backgrounds, and financial stability. While these are the main focus areas, each case may present unique challenges and additional considerations. We aim to ensure that all aspects are thoroughly examined and accurately presented to the government, paving the way for a successful application process.

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