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Work, Business & Investment Visas

The United States offers various different visas for work, Business, and investment.

Work, business, and investment visas offer individuals the opportunity to come to the United States for employment, business, or investment ventures. These visas provide a pathway for foreign nationals to contribute their skills, expertise, and capital to the U.S. economy. At JQK Law, we help clients navigate the complexities of obtaining these visas and achieving their personal and professional goals in the United States.

The process generally involves several key steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility. The first step is to determine which type of visa is most suitable for your specific circumstances. There are various visa categories available, such as the H-1B visa for skilled workers in specialty occupations, L-1 visa for intracompany transferees, E-2 visa for investors, O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary ability. Our experienced immigration attorneys will assess your qualifications and objectives to identify the most appropriate visa option for you.
  2. Employer or Self-Petition. Depending on the visa category, you may need an employer to sponsor your visa, or you may be able to self-petition for example, as an entrepreneur, investor, or individual with extraordinary ability. The requirements for sponsorship or self-petitioning will vary depending on the specific visa category.
  3. Documentation and Filing. Once eligibility is determined, our attorneys will assist you in gathering the necessary documentation to support your visa application. This may include employment offer letters, business plans, financial records, educational credentials, and other relevant supporting evidence. We will meticulously prepare your application and file it with the appropriate U.S. government agency, such as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the U.S. Department of State.
  4. Application Processing and Interviews. After filing, your application will undergo processing, which may include background checks, verification of qualifications, and other assessments. Depending on the visa category, you may be required to attend an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate or might be able to do change of status inside the U.S.
  5. Change of Status or Consular Processing. Depending on your location, there are may be two options:

a. Change of status if you are already in the United States. Depending on the visa type and specific circumstances, you may or may not be able to change your status inside the U.S. Disruptions in lawful status, history of unauthorized employment or visa violations, lack of lawful entry or entry as a crewman, unfulfilled J-1 two-year home residency requirement, inadmissibility issues, etc., may preclude you from changing your status inside the U.S.

b. If you are outside the United States, you will need to go through the consular processing at a U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country or the country of your current lawful residence. This involves submitting additional documents and attending a visa interview, among other things. You can learn more about consular processing here.

  1. Approval and Visa Issuance. Upon approval, you will receive your work, business, or investment visa or status, allowing you to enter or be in the United States for the specific purpose stated in your application. It is essential to note that work, business, and investment visas may have specific time limitations or conditions attached, such as employer sponsorship or job-specific requirements.
  2. Maintaining Status and Extensions. Once in the United States, it is crucial to comply with the terms and conditions of your visa to maintain lawful status. Our attorneys can assist you in understanding and fulfilling these obligations. If necessary, we can also help you with visa extensions or changes of status to accommodate changing circumstances or career opportunities.

Navigating the complexities of work, business, and investment visas can be challenging, but with our dedicated team of immigration attorneys by your side, you can confidently pursue your professional aspirations in the United States. We provide personalized guidance, strategic advice, and meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire visa application process.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Together, we will work towards achieving your goals of pursuing business ventures, employment, or investment opportunities in the United States.

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