Navigating Marriage and Visa Issues in the USA

23 Dec, 2023

In the realm of immigration and marriage, there can be complexities that individuals must navigate. It’s essential to understand the potential challenges and pitfalls to ensure a smooth process. In this blog post, we’ll explore the nuances of marrying in the USA as a U.S. citizen and a person with a visitor visa, and the implications it may have on future visa applications.

Marrying in the USA and Returning to the Home Country

When considering marrying in the USA as a U.S. citizen and a person with a visitor visa, it’s crucial to approach the process with careful consideration and adherence to proper procedures. While it’s generally permissible to marry in the USA and subsequently return to the visitor’s home country, it’s essential to ensure that all information provided to immigration authorities remains consistent and accurate.

Case Example: Visitor Visa and Marriage

An anecdotal case was shared about an individual from India who obtained a tourist visa to attend a family event in the United States. However, upon arrival, the individual got married and later sought to pursue the marriage visa process through the embassy. Unfortunately, the visa application was denied due to misrepresentation and fraud. The individual had failed to disclose their engagement with a U.S. citizen during the initial visa application process, leading to severe repercussions.

Honesty and Transparency

Immigration lawyers emphasize the significance of honesty and transparency throughout the visa application and marriage processes. It’s crucial to provide consistent and accurate information, especially in official documentation such as the DS-160 form. Failing to disclose pertinent details about engagements or marriage plans can lead to allegations of misrepresentation and fraud, potentially jeopardizing future visa applications.

Addressing Adjustment of Status Concerns

Marrying within the first 60 days of entry into the United States may raise concerns about adjustment of status. Contrary to certain misconceptions circulating online, there is no strict 30, 60, or 90-day rule imposed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). While it’s not explicitly prohibited to marry within the initial 60 days of entry, it’s advisable to approach such circumstances with caution and seek proper legal guidance to navigate the complexities effectively.

USCIS Guidelines and Realities

It’s important to recognize that USCIS does not adhere to a rigid 90-day rule, dispelling the common misconception surrounding a specific timeframe for marriage following entry into the United States. While some individuals have successfully married upon their arrival without encountering issues, it’s essential to exercise prudence and avoid being swayed by inaccurate information propagated online or through unreliable sources.


Navigating the intersection of marriage and visa processes in the USA requires meticulous attention to detail, honesty, and adherence to immigration guidelines. By prioritizing transparency and seeking appropriate legal counsel, individuals can mitigate the risk of facing adverse consequences stemming from misrepresentation or non-disclosure of pertinent details. Understanding the intricacies of marrying in the USA as a U.S. citizen and a visitor visa holder is paramount in ensuring a streamlined and legitimate immigration journey.

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