Navigating the Current State of Immigration: Updates and Insights

23 Dec, 2023

In today’s blog post, we will delve into the recent live session hosted by immigration lawyer John Kasravi on February 10th. The session covered a myriad of topics, including updates on the immigration system, the impact of the new administration, and a range of live questions from various social media platforms. Kasravi provided valuable insights and addressed common concerns regarding immigration policies, application processes, and potential changes under the new administration. Let’s explore the key highlights and essential information shared during the session.

Updates on Immigration Policies and System

John Kasravi commenced the session by addressing the anticipation surrounding potential changes in immigration policies under the new administration. He emphasized that despite the rhetoric, minimal tangible changes have been observed thus far. While the so-called “Muslim ban” was lifted, it had limited impact due to other existing bans and issues. Additionally, the status of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) remains uncertain, with an executive order for its resolution facing delays and further contemplation.

Kasravi also highlighted the prolonged challenges within the immigration system. Issues such as backlog in USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), delays in biometrics appointments, and extended processing times for various applications were discussed. The persistent restrictions at embassies and the prevalence of travel bans further contribute to the ongoing complexities in the immigration landscape.

Insights on Legislative Developments and Policy Proposals

Amid the discussions, Kasravi shed light on the recent introduction of bills in Congress aimed at granting status to DACA recipients and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) holders. While these proposals have garnered attention and generated optimism within the immigrant community, Kasravi cautioned against unfounded expectations, citing the historical trend of immigration bills facing limited progress in Congress.

Addressing Legal and Procedural Inquiries

The live session encompassed a segment where viewers posed specific questions related to immigration processes and legal nuances. Kasravi provided practical insights on a wide range of topics, including processing timelines for various applications, the significance of certain forms such as I-485A, and the implications of military deployments on immigration interviews.

Gauging the Impact of Public Charge and Citizenship Process

The potential influence of public charge considerations on the citizenship process was highlighted, with Kasravi offering clarity on the intricate interplay between public benefits and eligibility for citizenship. He stressed the importance of adhering to legal obligations and avoiding potential pitfalls related to fraud allegations in connection with public benefits.

Empowering Immigrants with Informed Decision-Making

Throughout the session, Kasravi underscored the importance of factual understanding and informed decision-making within the immigration realm. He emphasized the nuanced nature of immigration laws and the imperative for individuals to seek professional guidance to navigate the complexities effectively.


In conclusion, the live session conducted by immigration lawyer John Kasravi provided valuable insights into the current state of immigration, offering clarity on prevailing challenges, legislative developments, and procedural intricacies. By addressing live questions and engaging with viewers across various platforms, Kasravi exemplified a commitment to demystifying immigration processes and empowering individuals with knowledge. As the immigration landscape continues to evolve, staying informed and seeking reliable counsel are pivotal for those navigating the intricate path to immigration in the United States.

For a more comprehensive understanding of immigration-related topics and updates, be sure to explore John Kasravi’s additional resources on the JQK Immigration Clips channel and various social media platforms.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to bringing you more insightful content in the future.

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