Navigating the EB-3 Visa Bulletin: What You Need to Know

23 Dec, 2023

Understanding the intricacies of the Visa Bulletin can be a crucial factor in determining your eligibility to file for Adjustment of Status in the United States. In a recent YouTube video, important insights were shared regarding the filing date, final action date, and the significance of consulting with an immigration attorney for EB-3 visa cases.

The Visa Bulletin and Employment-Based Cases

The Department of State publishes a Visa Bulletin chart every month, encompassing family-based cases, employment-based cases, and the Diversity Visa Lottery. For employment-based cases, such as the EB-3 category, the chart contains two critical sections: the date of filing and the final action date.

Understanding the Date of Filing and Final Action Date

The final action date signifies the approval and issuance date for the Green Card, while the date of filing allows individuals to initiate the paperwork process earlier. This early initiation presents the opportunity to apply for a Work Permit (EAD) or Advanced Parole in the United States or expedite the process overall.

USCIS’s Stance and Monthly Updates

While the date of filing provides an avenue for early submission, USCIS issues monthly statements indicating whether they will align with the date of filing or the final action date from the Visa Bulletin. It is crucial to check USCIS’s decision for the month to determine which date they will use for filing purposes.

Seeking Legal Guidance for EB-3 Cases

Given the complexity of immigration proceedings, individuals pursuing EB-3 cases are strongly advised to seek legal counsel. Employers handling immigration processes should engage a lawyer to ensure comprehensive guidance and support throughout the case.

Importance of Having Your Own Immigration Attorney

The significance of having your own immigration attorney, separate from the employer’s legal representation, cannot be overstated. While the employer’s attorney may be managing numerous cases, having a dedicated attorney ensures that your case receives the necessary attention and meticulous representation.

The Pitfalls of Inadequate Legal Support

Instances have arisen where individuals, particularly those with H-1B visas, remain unaware of critical issues within their cases due to insufficient legal counsel. These oversights can significantly impact the immigration process and potentially lead to complications when seeking Green Card status in the future.

Your Path to Informed Decision-Making

To safeguard your immigration journey, it is recommended to schedule consultations with multiple immigration attorneys to gain diverse perspectives and insights. By understanding the 8 Steps of How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer, as outlined in a recent video, you can make informed decisions and secure the appropriate legal support for your case.

Stay Informed, Stay Empowered

Navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration demands vigilance and informed decision-making. By staying attuned to the Visa Bulletin updates, seeking dedicated legal counsel, and actively participating in the immigration process, you can enhance your prospects for a successful EB-3 case.

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