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John is fantastic.
John is fantastic. Applied for an IR1 (green card) via consular processing from Nepal. While evaluating various law firms, I noticed John was the quickest to respond with no query being too much to ask. That same experience has extended all the way through my approval. I feel it’s great to have a lawyer by your side on immigration matters. Can’t think of someone better than John. Highly recommend going with them.
John and his team will treat you with dignity and respect.
He is one of the most honest and genuine human beings I have ever been acquainted with. He treats your immigration problem as his own and tirelessly works on it without any hesitation. Among the 1.33 million attorneys in the U.S., I can proudly place him at the top. Thank you for everything, Attorney John.
To say John is a great attorney is an understatement!
Before John, I interviewed roughly 8 lawyers regarding my case. Any lawyer can get you from A to B but what sets John apart is the details in-between, the how they get you there. John always answered all of our questions. He has continuously proven to be very knowledgeable and aware of current event that may impact my case. More than anything, he genuinely cares. I never felt like we were just another case at his firm or in this alone. I was out of the country when Russia unfortunately attacked Ukraine and John called me right away to ask about my flight details and to urge me to return soon. I recommend John to anyone looking for an immigration attorney. I've given his contact information out on Reddit, forums, YouTube, etc. Having John as my lawyer has been a blessing.
Best of the best: Highly Recommend
I am so thankful i found John and his legal team to work on my Green Card- DV Lottery case. I did my research on lawyers around me and John stood out because he genuinely cares about his clients. He is not in it for the money and his legal fees are reasonable. He is very transparent about the fees from the beginning. Once he starts your case he will go above and beyond to look into every detail and makes sure that your case is ready. John makes sure to explain what could go right and what could go wrong. He made sure that i knew what to expect and was ready for the interview. He is always available for questions and concerns. He is very thorough in his job and has a good idea of what he’s doing. If you come across Johns office, do not hesitate because he is worth your time and money and he is one of the few lawyers who have their client’s best interest in mind.
It’s been a great experience working with him.
He always responds quickly with helpful and detailed advice. I got scared by couple of other lawyers during the first free consultations, but I’m glad I contacted John. Even though it was last minute, he was willing to help with my case, and the price was half of what the other lawyers told me. He’s professional, very experienced and friendly. I highly recommend him to those who need help with their immigration cases.
Do you want a professional team?
JQK Law Firm is the one for you!
My wife and I used John to process our I-485 case and it was truly a smooth easy process.
John sets realistic goals and expectations whilst being very efficient and dedicated. One particular attribute that stood out the most for us, was how easily reachable he was by phone/emails by either responding promptly or within 24hrs. I 100% recommend him.
John and team were instrumental in helping us navigate a very complicated immigration situation.
John and team were instrumental in helping us navigate a very complicated immigration situation involving Legal Permanent Residence (LPR) status (Green Card) for my elderly parents. Most law firms that we contacted were either unfamiliar with this unique issue, or did not wish to engage in such a complicated matter.
Additionally, when the local airline denied boarding due to an incorrect understanding of immigration rules, John went above and beyond by immediately responding to the airline staff and providing legal documentation to support our position resulting in a favorable outcome.
Subsequently, John helped us file for Green Card renewals. Due to COVID-related delays, the USCIS processing center failed to process the applications in a timely manner. John, again, went above and beyond to engage other areas of USCIS, and even drafted a letter to our State Representative. Thankfully, this was not necessary.
Overall, I highly recommend John and his team. The responsiveness, attention to detail, and detailed knowledge of US Immigration laws have helped us tremendously.
Understanding, kindness, experience and practical help.
We needed help expediting visas to help foreign students complete their travel, to exchange wisdom across borders. JQK quickly stepped in to provide understanding, kindness, experience and practical help. It is refreshing to find an immigration specialist whose heart and knowledge come to bear to patiently help the client help themselves, without wracking up debt to make something happen! I would strongly recommend this firm.
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