Top Three Issues with Pakistani Family-Based Green Cards

11 Jul, 2024

Hello! I’m John Khosravi, an immigration lawyer and the founder of the JQK Law Firm. We always aim to provide quick, high-quality, and caring service to all our clients. Today, I want to talk about the three main issues we often see with Pakistani family-based green card applications.

Issue 1: Birth Certificates

In Pakistan, birth certificates can be tricky because they aren’t always issued the same way across the country. Thankfully, the Family Registration Certificate (FRC)from NADRA is normally easy to get. However, there can still be problems like:

  • If using the birth certificate, Late Registration Dates: If the birth certificate was issued late, it might cause delays.
  • Name Misspellings: Especially with common names like Mohammed, make sure all names are spelled correctly, including your mother’s name.

The best way to avoid problems is to use the FRC system and double-check all the details.

Issue 2: Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificates in Pakistan also need careful attention. When you get married, you need Both the Marriage Certificate and Nika Nama are needed.

  • Marriage Certificate: This shows your relationship status.
  • Nikah Nama: This is the official marriage certificate. Make sure you have it, and if it’s in Urdu, get it translated to English.
  • Non-Muslim couples may have slightly different documents.

Again, check all names and dates to ensure they are correct.

Issue 3: Embassy Interview Delays

If you’re applying for a green card through the embassy interview process, be prepared for delays. Even though things are getting faster, you might still wait up to a year for an interview. After the interview, some cases go into “administrative processing,” where the embassy needs more time to review your case. This can take a long time and might require legal action to resolve.

Bonus Tip: Police Certificates

For most countries, you need a police certificate if you lived there for more than a year. But for Pakistan, you don’t need a police certificate unless there’s an arrest record. If you lived in other countries, especially in the Middle East, check if you need a police certificate from those places.

Final Notes

  • Multiple Spouses: Having more than one spouse is not allowed in the U.S. Ensure any previous marriages are fully resolved before remarrying.
  • Get Help: For all these issues, it’s best to consult with an immigration lawyer. Download our free guide to start:

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I hope this information was helpful!

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