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Understanding the Need for a U Visa Attorney

Navigating U visa applications may be daunting for immigrants or individuals facing threats or violence and seeking legal protection. Obtaining the guidance of an experienced U visa attorney can be essential to this process.

Only victims of serious crimes are eligible for U visas, and only 10,000 U visas are granted each year. However, there is no cap on the number of derivative U visas available for certain family members of the principal petitioner. 

The U visa encourages crime victims to assist law enforcement with apprehending offenders, possibly providing them protection if they have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse. U visa attorneys are crucial during such times to help with your visa application to enjoy U visa benefits.

At JQK Law, our extensive knowledge of U visa cases positions us as a reliable ally in your journey. We understand the intricacies of immigration law and are committed to offering tailored solutions to address your specific needs. Let our professional immigration attorney guide you toward a successful U visa application.

How the U Visa Process Works

The process of applying for a U visa involves various steps. Before applying, you must determine whether you are eligible for a U visa.

U Visa Eligibility Criteria

Only those who have suffered substantially from a crime are eligible for U visas. The applicant has to fulfill the items listed below to be eligible for a U visa:

  • The petitioner needs to be the victim of a criminal offense.
  • The petitioner should have undergone significant bodily or psychological abuse as a component of the criminal act for the offense in question.
  • The candidate can provide reliable details about the offense.
  • The candidate has assisted law enforcement or is expected to do so.

Qualifying Criminal Activities

Victims of certain crimes may be eligible for a U visa. These crimes include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping
  • Blackmail
  • Fraud in foreign labor contracting
  • Felonious assault
  • Torture
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Extortion
  • False imprisonment
  • Hostage
  • Slavery or involuntary servitude
  • Prostitution or sex trade
  • Incest
  • Witness tampering
  • Peonage

U Visa Application Process

The petitioner must submit a US Nonimmigrant Status form (Form I-918) and supporting documentation. Add a statement about yourself that details the illegal action and how you assisted the police.

A crucial step in the victim’s U visa application process is to obtain a law enforcement certification from the law enforcement agencies involved or who have jurisdiction over the case. An authorized law enforcement agency official will verify the applicant’s involvement in the investigation.

Inadmissibility Waiver

In some cases, applicants may need to file Form I-192. This application is for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant to address any grounds of inadmissibility. The grounds for inadmissibility can be found at INA Section 212

Approval and Derivative Benefits

Upon approval, you will be granted lawful immigration status in the US. This permits you to remain in the country for a maximum of four years. Certain qualifying family members may also be eligible for derivative U visa status.

Adjustment of Status

After three years of continuous presence in the country with a U visa, you may apply for lawful permanent residence (a green card). This is done through the adjustment of the status process. An experienced green card lawyer can help you through this process and provide beneficial guidance.

How a U Visa Lawyer at JQK Law Can Help You

U visa lawyers provide invaluable assistance and support throughout the U visa application process. A U visa attorney at JQK Law can help with:

  • Case Evaluation: We first comprehensively assess your circumstances to determine if you qualify for a U visa.
  • Collecting Evidence: Our attorney will assist you in obtaining all the records and proof you need to support your application.
  • Getting the Victim’s Certification Ready: We can help you get the crucial victim’s certification ready, ensuring it displays your cooperation with law enforcement.
  • Filling Out the Application: To ensure a seamless U visa procedure, we can help you fill out Form I-918 and submit it on your behalf.
  • Creating the Personal Statement: Our attorneys can assist you in drafting a solid personal statement that describes the nature of the crime, your experience, and your assistance with the criminal investigation. 
  • Submitting Waiver Applications: We can assist you in utilizing Form I-192 to apply for a waiver if you are not admissible.
  • Communication with USCIS: We can handle USCIS correspondence and inquiries. Ensuring prompt and accurate responses. 
  • Post-Approval Advice: After your U visa has been approved, we can advise you on maintaining legal status and next. This may include when and how to apply for a green card.

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What Happens if My U Visa Application Is Rejected?

Should your application for a U visa be rejected, you can file an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). Understanding the grounds for the denial is essential before deciding how to proceed. An experienced immigration attorney can offer guidance on appropriate next steps and alternatives. 

What Is the Typical Duration of the U Visa Application Process?

Applying for a U Visa can be a drawn-out procedure that sometimes takes months or years. This is because there is a backlog of crime victim petitions, and USCIS only grants 10,000 U visas annually. 

Can My Relatives Be Granted a U Visa as Well?

Yes, select family members can receive a derivative U visa. Parents, spouses, children, and unmarried siblings under 18 can be eligible. 

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